Lesson Plans
Journalism 1st Q 07.08 Lesson Plans
Week: 09/24/2007 Instructor: Shannon Helgeson Academics
In the library today and maybe tomorrow.
Using news criteria or values: find examples of each in daily, weekly, monthly newspapers. Fill in New Value Chart.

After completing chart, compare kinds of newspapers. Answer the questions on the "Comparing kinds of newspapers" sheet.

Homecoming features due today. Hand in.
Complete chart and comparison sheet in library if necessary.

Peer editing mini-lesson.
Mini-lesson on peer editing.
Edit another reporter's feature story on homecoming. Conference with that author.
Re-write on computer your article based on editor's comments.
Hand in.
Take brief notes on "Choosing the News."
With a partner or alone, make a list of newsworthy happenings you have heard of around school, on the playing field, in the communities of WB or WG, in the country or in neighboring towns. Be prepared to tell why each is newsworthy according to the news values we've discussed.
How would we rank these if we were putting together an issue of a school newspaper? What stories should we include?
News Story Structure:
Read and discuss p. 51/52, 53/54 on news article structure.
Discuss summary leads p.27/28.
Analyze several articles from StarTrib for news structure and leads.
Pick a newsworthy happening from yesterday's list. What do we know? How would we structure this news story? What are the facts? What would make a good lead? Do we know enough yet to write a lead?