Lesson Plans
Journalism 3rd Q 05.06 Lesson Plans
Week: 02/13/2006 Instructor: Shannon Helgeson Academics
Discussion: What roles/jobs exist at the typical newspaper? What does it take to be successful in those positions?
Group activity: Examine a newspaper in the libaray. What elements do you see? What pages do they have? What features are regular (in pretty much every edition) and which change? Think about your own newspaper and how you might like to set it up as you view this paper.
Substitute teacher (Ms Korman is at a meeting)
Activity: Fill out an application for employment at our newspaper. Follow the directions exactly. Due at 3:05 today.
Substitute teacher (Ms Korman is at a Business conference for BOLT)
Quiz on the roles at the newspaper
Storyboard meeting led by editor
Discussion on what elements you want in the paper and on what pages they should go
Make proposals for the theme/topic for each page/total page count
If you get through all this you can bring in outside homework or catch up on any assignments you're missing for journalism
Portfolio Review 2
Assignment of positions
Assign layout pages
Assign stories
Begin newspaper work for Feb. 22 edition of the newspaper
work on feb 22 edition of the newspaper

Note: Our field trip to Sioux Falls will be Monday, March 13