Lesson Plans
Kells 3rd Quarter 3rd Q 12.13 Lesson Plans
Week: 01/14/2013 Instructor: Lairdie Kells Academics
Reading: Reap chapter 6, go over setting
Language: imagery in writing brainstorm words for 5 senses
Social: Map fold mon, new capital test, vocabulary worksheet
Reading: Paint poster of scenery in Hatchet Test over 5 and 6, add to time line
Language: write descriptive paragraph about chocolate kisses using word list from yesterday assign worksheet packet on imagery
Social: Read pages 267 - 270 add stamp act to pamphlet
Reading: Painting the setting, vocabulary week 1 Read chapter 7
Language: make chart of genres, type descriptive paragraph
social: m and m taxes
Thursday: Lesson 4 figurative language, read chapter 8
Social: p 272 the Townshend Act, Boycott questions p 273 and worksheet
Language: Genre bingo
Reading: add events to timeline, test over 7 and 8 Vocab 9 -12
Social: finish map folder, capital test p. 277 the Boston Massacre
Language: Genre game on the computer