Lesson Plans
Kells 5th Grade 1st Q 13.14 Lesson Plans
Week: 09/23/2013 Instructor: Lairdie Kells Academics
Reading: Proofreading test read time for kids and assign worksheet using graphic sources

Social 5A: finish time line, make vocab cards for quiz on Thursday Assign worksheet
5B: Make vocab cards for quiz worksheet on Prince Henry and Vasco da Gama
Language Arts: Finish poster on plural nouns
Field Trip to Marshall
Reading 5A finish letters to a fairy tale character ,
5B read fable and do story map go over elements of a fairy tale and write letters
Social:Vocab sheet p. 32, 33
Language: Prefix post chart and worksheet
Reading 5A genre realistic fiction, assign story map and identifying plot
5B genre fantasy character traits
Social: Map of Columbus's route and a timeline of his life Vocabulary quiz
Language writing compound and complex sentences
Reading: 5A genre persuasive essay assign main idea and summary
5B Make genre chart
Social state test, using latitude and longitude