Lesson Plans
Kindergarten Music 1st Q 11.12 Lesson Plans
Week: 10/03/2011 Instructor: Constance Knott Academics
Vocal Development:call and response
Children's Songs/Fingerplays:Chop, Chop, Chippety chop Grandma's Glasses
Kodaly Songs:It Rained a Mist,

Vocal Development:high and low
Children's Songs/Fingerplays:6 Little Mice, Little Sir Echo
Kodaly Songs:new "What Shall We Do"

Games/Movement:Play What Shall We Do
Vocal Development:spinning breath
Children's Songs/Fingerplays:Wind the Ball of Wool, Criss Cross Applesauce,Sally Sun story
Kodaly Songs:It Rained a Mist
Instruments:rain makers and maracas
Games/Movement: Continue from Tues.
Vocal Development:belly breathing
Children's Songs/Fingerplays:Mulberry Bush, Muffin Man, Six Little Mice
Kodaly Songs:Cobbler, Rain Rain
Instruments:add finger cymbals to Mice song
Games/Movement:Looby Loo
Vocal Development:vowels with the mouth
Children's Songs/Fingerplays:Ali Baba
Kodaly Songs:Hop Old Squirrel new story
Instruments:woodblocks with Cobbler
Games/Movement:Play Ali Baba
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