Lesson Plans
Kindergarten Music 2nd Q 11.12 Lesson Plans
Week: 12/05/2011 Instructor: Constance Knott Academics
This week's concepts: beat and rhythm, up and down/high low
Vocal Development:breathing
Children's Songs/Fingerplays:I Point to Myself
Kodaly Songs:Hush Little Baby
Instruments:Lazy Bones song with xylophones
Games/Mvt.:Lazy Bones song
Songs of the Season:Jingle Bells
Vocal Development:head voice
Children's Songs/Fingerplays: Head and Shoulders
Kodaly Songs: Wake Me
Instruments:maracas with Head and Shoulders
Games/Mvt.:Going to the City
Songs of the Season:Rudolph
Vocal Development:vowels
Children's Songs/Fingerplays:People on the Bus
Kodaly Songs:Hush Little Baby
Instruments:instruments for People on the Bus
Games/Mvt.:Doggie Doggie
Songs of the Season:We Wish You
Vocal Development:posture
Children's Songs/Fingerplays:learn Turn Cinnamon Turn
Kodaly Songs:Aunt Dinah
Instruments:drums with Turn Cinnamon
Games/Mvt.:story for Old King GLory
Songs of the Season:Santa Claus is Comin'
Vocal Development:put it all together
Children's Songs/Fingerplays:Wake Up You Lazy Bones
Kodaly Songs: I Hear a Cuckoo
Instruments:woodblocks with Lazy Bones
Games/Mvt.:Wake Up Lazy BOnes
Songs of the Season:Jingle Jingle