Lesson Plans
Kindergarten Music 2nd Q 12.13 Lesson Plans
Week: 11/05/2012 Instructor: Constance Knott Academics
Vocal Development:Breath energy
Children's Songs/Fingerplays:5 Little Ladies, Bear Song
Kodaly Songs:Wind My Ball of Wool, Turn Cinnamon
Instruments:Doggie Story about the stolen bones
Games/Mvt.:Ehka Mohda
Seasonal Songs: Turkey Trot
Vocal Development:Head voice
Children's Songs/Fingerplays:Ali Baba, In a Cabin,Bear Song
Kodaly Songs:Crows story and song
Instruments:Tambourine Song
Games/Mvt.:Turn Cinnamon, Turn
Seasonal: Five Fat Turkeys
Vocal Development:spinning the sound with breath
Children's Songs/Fingerplays:Aunt Dinah's Gone
Kodaly Songs:Story about the children in Sidey O
Instruments:play with tennis balls
Games/Mvt.:Did You Ever See a Lassie
Vocal Development:using head tone with vowels
Children's Songs/Fingerplays:Little Brother
Kodaly Songs:Review Crows Song, Sidey O, Cabin, and Bear
Instruments:drums today with Little Brother
Games/Mvt.:Play Cinnamon Turn
Vocal Development:pitch matching
Children's Songs/Fingerplays:Aunt Dinah's Gone
Kodaly Songs:New; The Wind Blows East
Instruments:triangles, jingle bells and tone bell for Aunt Dinah
Games/Mvt.:Story and puppets for Down By the Bay