Lesson Plans
Kindergarten Music 3rd Q 09.10 Lesson Plans
Week: 02/15/2010 Instructor: Constance Knott Academics
Sing: Push the Damper In, Oliver Twist song, I Point to Myself

Game Songs: Old King Glory, Going to the City, Cinnamon Turn, Bluebird
Vocal Development:low breaths
Children's Songs/Fingerplays:Two Strong Hands
Kodaly Songs/Stories:It's Raining, This Old Man
Instrument Applications:maracas for It's Raining
Game Songs:Story about Head and SHoulders
Vocal Development:head voice
Children's Songs/Fingerplays:Story about Lazy Bones, Sing Its' Raining
Kodaly Songs/Stories:Head and Shoulders
Instrument Applications:add drums to Head and Shoulders
Game Songs:Horsey, Horsey
Vocal Development:Start the sound with air
Children's Songs/Fingerplays:Story about Jacky Frost, sing Lazy Bones
Kodaly Songs/Stories:Snow Songs,(See Pretty Snowflakes,)
Instrument Applications:magical sounds for Jack Frost
Game Songs:Doggie Doggie
Vocal Development:relaxed jaw and face
Children's Songs/Fingerplays:Hush Little Baby, People on the Bus
Kodaly Songs/Stories: My Tambourine
Instrument Applications:Play tambourines
Game Songs:This is What I Can Do