Lesson Plans
Kindergarten Music 4th Q 10.11 Lesson Plans
Week: 03/14/2011 Instructor: Constance Knott Academics
no school for students today
Concepts and Skills for the Week: alternating hands playing bells
Vocal Development:low to high concept
Children's Songs/Fingerplays:Aunt Dinah's Gone
Kodaly Songs:Teddy Bear
Instruments:xylophones with Teddy Bear
Games/Movement:Fair Rosa
Vocal Development:soft and loud
Children's Songs/Fingerplays:Looby Loo, Put Your Finger in the Air
Kodaly Songs:All Day My Hands Keep Moving
Instruments:xylophones with All Day
Games/Movement:New- Wind Blows East
Vocal Development:faster slower with our voices
Children's Songs/Fingerplays:One for the Money
Kodaly Songs:I Love School
Instruments:glockenspiels with Fair Rosa
Games/Movement:Cinnamon Turn, Let's Dance
Vocal Development:do songs with change ups
Children's Songs/Fingerplays:Let's Go to the Zoo
Kodaly Songs:Little Brother
Instruments:glockenspiels with Teddy Bear
Games/Movement:Monkey See, Doggie Doggie