Lesson Plans
Language Arts 5th Grade 1st Q 11.12 Lesson Plans
Week: 09/05/2011 Instructor: Lairdie Kells Academics
Reading: Present summary of life in Ancient Greece, Greek vocab sue Tuesday, Read L Larry and do story elements map
Social: Map folder Read 142 - 143 Aztecs Atlas 7 and 8
Reading: Proofreading test, Read Time for Kids Worksheet due Wed.
Social: Map folder, p. 144, 145 New Spain, and conquests Summary Due Wed
Reading: P. 26 Root work "ject" Best Practices, genre, Read Mystery of the Missing Hawk assign p 64, 65
Social: Work on desk maps
Reading: write and type summary including all story elements
Social: p 146, 147 Life in New Spain, Crossword of early explorers
Reading: p 67 - 69 Outlining and Main idea Assign p. 70 Making an outline
Social: State test, p. 148, 149, 150, start chart of explorers by country