Lesson Plans
Language Arts 5th Grade 1st Q 11.12 Lesson Plans
Week: 10/10/2011 Instructor: Lairdie Kells Academics
Lang arts and Reading:word pertaining to a mystery and use them in a story
Review alphabetizing to the third letter
Social: Hand back state tests and map folder Read 143 - 144 assign sequencing and vocab
Lang Arts and Reading: Mystery of Missing Hawk Genre Mystery p. 61 -65
Following directions and new vocab
Social: p 146 - 150 Search for Gold, Society in New Spain Assignment summary questions
Reading and Lang. Arts: Proofreading test and Time for Kids
Social: Spanish explorers quiz Make Mosaic pf Aztec gods
Reading Outlining p. 67 - 71 picking main ideas and details and put them in outline form
Social:: Make time line and answer questions p 131
Reading and Lang Arts: Drawing conclusions p 215 -217 Read story The Missing Links" p 218 - 230 take AR test over mystery books
Social: finish Map folder, state test, p. 152, 153 review of chapter