Lesson Plans
Language Arts 7 1st Q 17.18 Lesson Plans
Week: 10/23/2017 Instructor: Paula Byers Academics
Hand out "The Giver". They are on the east corner of the north shelf, by the chair.
They made a flip book on Wednesday. Discuss the first two pages: The Giver, Dystopian Society, and Lois Lowry
Please have them begin the Vocabulary for Chapters 1&2 - dictionaries under desks
Can read IR or play story cubes when done.
Bell ringer
Read through Ch 1 vocal
Read Ch 1 of the Giver
Chapter 1 questions
Setting, Situation, Characters on Plot Diagram
Blackout Day
Bell ringer
Finish work from Tuesday
Ch 2 Vocal as a class
Begin reading Ch 2
Bell ringer
Finish reading Ch 2
Do Ch 2 questions
Bell ringer
Check Ch 1&2 quesitons
Activity - Welcome to the Evening of Feelings ritual