Lesson Plans
Language Arts 8AC 1st Q 04.05 Lesson Plans
Week: 09/13/2004 Instructor: Deb Kuehl Academics
New Spelling List
The Main Event - Grad Standard Reading Exercise
Exposition Writing / Prejudice Ch. 9
How does Cause and Effect relate to the movie
Remember the Titans/ Note Taking
Read - pp 188-189 Discuss Tuesday
Review pp 190-191
Check on Overheads
Cause and Effect
Remember the Titans - Note Taking
Spelling Flash Cards - Definitions on Back
Use the Dictionaries
Remember the Titans/ Note Taking
Read pp 192-193
Cause and Effect - How do the Titans
create cause and effect?
Main Idea - Topic Sentence
Read pp 194-195 Shaping your Writing - Elaboration
Writing the Essay
Check Lab Availability /Writing in the classroom
Spelling Test