Lesson Plans
Language Arts 8B 4th Q 12.13 Lesson Plans
Week: 04/15/2013 Instructor: Beth Kleven Academics
"Running Out of Time" quiz assign. 5-8
Begin to go over Latin worksheet/study notes
Begin Assign. #9, pp. 118-134 if time-
IR/work time
Per. 4-Collect Ess. 5, last para.
Continue to go over "No Promises in the Wind" assign. #8
Begin to go over Latin worksheet
Continue "Running" Assign.#9 discussion
Review Rom. numeral sheet, for quiz on Thurs.
IR/work time
Per. 1-essays back.
Per. 4-Finish "No Prom." assign. 8 if any left
Quiz over "No Prom" 5-8 on Thurs.
Review Rom. numeral sheet
Per. 1Tommy, KaSia, Sai, Zena, Cassidy in class
Per. 4 Soulee, Meng,Peter,Gabby,Stacy,Anthony, Emma, Lawrence
"Running..." assign. #10 for Friday given out
Per. 4-"No Prom." assign. #9 for Friday
IR/work time/SCRABBLE
Per. 1 and 4 Rom. numeral quiz over what do the different letters mean,
numbers to Rom. and Rom. to numbers
Per. 1"Running..." assign. #10 given out for Friday-for those gone WED at choir activity
Per. 4-"No Prom." Assign. 5-8 Quiz
Assign. #9 given out for Friday-for those gone WED at choir activity
IR/work time
Per. 1 Finish any Latin worksheet notes/board work
Begin to go over assign. #10/"Running"
Per. 4-Essays back
Begin to go over "No Prom." Assign. #9