Lesson Plans
Life Music 7-8 1st Q 09.10 Lesson Plans
Week: 09/21/2009 Instructor: Constance Knott Academics
This Week's Goals:
1. Introduce first folksongs, and rounds
2. Work on choir music and begin intial girls/boys pieces for fun
3. Learn to play very easy tunes in C major on keyboards or Orff
4. Work with C, F and G chords on autoharps, have student demonstrate on guitar
5.Introduce classical listening piece on Wednesdy
6. Improvise rhythms, play easy pieces (melody), add color percussion (texture) and autoharps for harmony. Subdivide into smaller groups to practice together. Try same idea with this week's folksong
Mondays: 1.Practice singing, choir music, ensemble music
2. Practice instruments
Folksong this week is "Paddy Works on the Railway", round is "Tallis' Canon". We are going to practice Wednesday's first goal today: we will review CM scale, write three chords, sing some simple melodies both with solfege and letter names.Then we will practice playing those same melodies.
Wednesdays 1.Practice reading, writing notes, rhythms, chords
2.Listen, analyze, describe music
3. Culture/history relationships to music
4. Practice instruments
We are going to practice choir music today (instead of Monday). We are going to start a classical listening selection of Renaissance music to go with the Tallis Canon.We will practice more little tunes, and give autoharps a whirl today. We will have an adult here today to help with playing the tunes.If time we will work with autoharps.
Fridays: 1. Improvise on instruments
2. Compose and arrange music ideas
3. Practice instruments
A student is going to come with his guitar and show how he plays C, G, F chords on the guitar. We will also look at the choir piece chords and have him play along. Then we will improvise one of the little tunes today. See how they can be altered for interest.