Lesson Plans
Life Music 7-8 1st Q 09.10 Lesson Plans
Week: 09/28/2009 Instructor: Constance Knott Academics
Announcements: We are working hard getting our class to move together in the same direction. The students are divided by voice part in the seating chart, but in three mixed groups for small group practice. The three rotations include drums with rhythms, playing melodies on Orff instruments, and practice writing music. This week we want to start playing guitars for harmony practice. If any of you have a guitar or a keyboard gathering dust at your house, send it our way! We'll make good use of it.
Monday: Today's objectives include working on 6/8 meter and note values, finishing composing our mini songs, working on our folk song "Paddy Works on the Railway", learning new C major short familiar melodies for practice, reviewing chords and practicing the segue from mallet instruments to keyboards. Our rotation today will include practicing the new melodies on mallet instruments, practicing 6/8 meter, and finishing the worksheet due today. We also will mentally rehearse improvising accompaniments with drums,
Wednesday's Objectives: We will review for quiz. Take quiz. Next we will practice C major scale in bass clef, review 6/8 meter, introduce a new folk song (John Henry), a new round (Where is John) and then do listening of another pop piece for elements practice (listening for melody, rhythms, harmony, instrumentation, lyrics, form) Meanwhile, Evan Madson will be working on guitars to get us ready for Friday. If time today, we will review how to play chords on mallet instruments and keyboards

Friday's Objectives: Review bass clef writing of Cmajor. Evan and Jon LeBoutillier will assist our fledgling guitar players in two chords: am and em as accompaniment to our song Paddy Works on the Railway. Mrs. Knott works drummers and Peggy Klasse works with students on keyboards still practicing mini melodies and now chords.