Lesson Plans
Life Music 7-8 2nd Q 09.10 Lesson Plans
Week: 12/07/2009 Instructor: Constance Knott Academics
Announcements: We have been practicing our new rhythms, writing broken chords in the bass clef, learning G major on the guitar, and getting ready to start this quarter's checklist of skills. We have two new folk songs, and this week we will listen to a pop/rock piece for analysis. Also, students who did not perform at the concert will have a chance to do so on Friday at our first ever mini-recital. So far Lane, Affiny, Bee and Dina have signed up, so we will give their ensemble groups time to practice.
Guitars: Nine students will be starting to learn separate notes this week to play on the strings individually. We will get some instructions papers run off for them. All students will learn how to play a major scale, and all students will work on the C Major chord.
We need as a class to get smoother in our switches back and forth between chords. A couple of boys would like to work with electric guitars too.
Composing: All the students have a new sheet of paper for composing their second songs. We are going to encourage them to write/play/write/play as they go, so they have a sense of the melody in their heads. We will determine if they want to start with rhythm patterns firstSome students will be encouraged to write a song for the guitar. Some students may very well start with a drum pattern
Improvising: We are going to work on this concept this week. We will have our more proficient guitarists play and we'll take turns improvising on drums.
Singing: One of our goals at the next concert is to be more confident in our singing of folk songs. We will need three because we are not going to do the interrupted transitions next time. All three will be in the Key of C!!
Piano: All students who did not perform at the concert will have on their checklist the requirement to play their piece on piano. We will be continuing in the key of C and learning more difficult pieces. Mrs. Klasse wants them to make the connections between the placement of the written notes and the actual location on the piano.