Lesson Plans
Life Science 7B 1st Q 12.13 Lesson Plans
Week: 09/17/2012 Instructor: Josh Barron Academics
Hand in chapter 1 section 2 review from pg 22
Work on getting the things together for the chickens coming in on Friday

Recieve groups
Come up with you hypothesis as a group
Hand out understanding main Ideas over chapter 1 section 2
work in groups
Correct in class

Have them construct their own game to remember the material presented in class over chapter 1 section 2
These games are to be played tomorrow in class you will get a grade on them.
Play games to get us to remember all of the sections
continue work on cage set up/Cleaning and food coming in
Last Minute details on getting ready for the birds
Test over Chapter 1 section 2
Chicks - Processing the birds
Food and water
Weigh the birds
Begin experiment next week