Lesson Plans
Mechanics 1st Q 06.07 Lesson Plans
Week: 10/23/2006 Instructor: Josh Barron Academics
Continue to Assemble the Engines
Parts should be here from Morry's Small Engine out of Tracy
If everything is completed, take a engine mount from up stairs and bolt your engine to it to start. Once running do trouble check
Continue anything from monday that did not get done
After engine is running make sure all sheets are signed
Drain engine of all fluids and put up stairs
Start to research your own engine
get ownerns manual - parts discription - what was wrong with it
Continue any thing from Tuesday that did not get done
Continue research on own engine
Where can you order parts from
How much money are you willing to invest to get engine running

Electricity in engines
Understanding basics
series, Parallel
120 and 240
Continue from the previous day
3 page worksheet "Classroom Exercise"