Lesson Plans
Medical Careers 1st Q 15.16 Lesson Plans
Week: 09/21/2015 Instructor: Jessica Laleman Academics
Today we will look at a quiz that students took on their career interests and also take a look at their ASVAB results. Then we will talk about appearance, characteristics, and communication in healthcare.
Terms quiz Wednesday
Ch.4 wksht Wednesday
We will finish talking about communication and then complete a communication activity to practice good communication skills. Then we will finish class talking about recording/reporting, teamwork, and stress.
Study for terms quiz
Complete chapter 4 wksht for tomorrow
Terms quiz
Today we will finish any notes we didn't get a chance to finish, then we will review for the chapter 4 test.
Ch.3-4 Test Thursday
Outline due in class Friday
During the first half of class we will take the chapter 3-4 test. When everyone is done we will talk about outlines & get an example outline for our research papers. During the second half of class we will go to a Lip Sync Battle (the homecoming activity for the day).
Research paper outline due at the end of class on Friday.
Students will work on their outline for the research paper and work on their actual paper today. Their outline must be done (emailed to Mrs. Laleman or printed) before they leave class.