Lesson Plans
Medical Careers 1st Q 16.17 Lesson Plans
Week: 09/12/2016 Instructor: Jessica Laleman Academics
Students will learn about the structures of healthcare systems & related government agencies.
They will also begin a project to create a powerpoint on a specific country's healthcare system.
Healthcare system presentation due Monday
Start Ch.2 wksht
Medical Terminology quiz 1 on Thursday.
Topic for research paper due Firday.
We will continue health care systems, then read the Hippocratic Oath and discuss what it means for different types of healthcare providers.
Students will have the remainder of the hour to work on healthcare presentations.
Work on Ch.2 wksht due Friday
Today we will visit the Westbrook Good Samaritan Center during class to see a wide variety of medical careers in one location.
Ch. 2 wksht due Fri
Study for Ch.1-2 TEST on Fri
1 page summary of field trip due Thursday
Medical terminology quiz on Thursday
Students will take a medical terminology quiz, then we will finish talking about healthcare systems and review for the Ch.1-2 test on Friday. Students will work on their power points at the end of the hour.
Study for Ch.1-2 TEST on Friday
Ch. 2 wksht due Fri
Healthcare system ppt due Mon
Students will take the Ch.1-2 test.
When they finish their test they will work on their health care ppt and research paper
If there is time we will begin Ch.3 on medical careers