Lesson Plans
Merrick 3rd Grade 3rd Q 09.10 Lesson Plans
Week: 02/15/2010 Instructor: Shelly Merrick Academics
Language arts- Dol, Wb. 77-78, Capitals, 95-96
Reading- President compare and contrast, predicting page 116-117 wb. 41-42
Math- Spiral Review 6-9, minute 86, problem of the day 6-9 Multiply 3 numbers 343 6-16
Handwriting- 112
Ell and Extra grammar
Science- Food web overlaps B54-B57 fill out graphic organizer
Guided Reading
Language arts- DOL Write words in Sentences, contractions wb. 97
Reading- Read to students page 119-135 go over questions and word search
Math- Spiral Review 6-10, Minute 87 problem of the day 6-10, Find a Rule page 344-345 Practice 6-10
Handwriting- 113
Ell and Extra grammar
Science- Review game
Guided Reading
Language arts- DOL wb. 79-80, Contractions wb. 98
Reading- Read to a partner go over vocab. do selection test wb. 45-46
Math- Spiral Review 6-11, minute 88, problem of the day 6-11, Choose an operation
Handwriting- 114
Ell and Extra grammar
Health- page 24-27
Language arts-DOL test, daily spelling contractions wb. 99
Reading- Context clues wb. 47, phonics wb. 48
Math- Spiral Review 6-12, minute 89, problem of the day 6-12, Chapter 6 test
Handwriting- 115
Ell and Extra grammar
Science- Test
Guided Reading
Language arts- Retest, next weeks words Contractions wb. 100, Prefixes and suffixes wb. 49
Reading- Prefixes and suffixes wb. 49 symbolism, tradebook textbook wb. 50
Math- Spiral Review 7-1, minute 90, problem of the day 7-1
Handwriting- 116
Ell and Extra grammar