Lesson Plans
Merrick 3rd Grade 3rd Q 11.12 Lesson Plans
Week: 01/02/2012 Instructor: Shelly Merrick Academics
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IPads DOL week 15 Grammar minute 31 Green Book page 75 Daily 5 Sit down and review what does it look like and what does it mean Phonics 29-30 Rocket math Minute 21 Spiral review and POD 8-3 Fact Families with 6 and 7 Nutrition today 12:00 Health page 78/81 ab. 20 Daily Geography week 10 12:50 music and pe Snack RTI students leave AR reading Nutrition at 2:00 Page 83 D
Study Island Math DOL Grammar Minute 32 Green book page 76 Daily 5 Read to Self Phonics page 31 Rocket math Minute 22 Spiral Review and Problem of the Day 8-4 Fact Families with 8-9 Extra Reading Snack RTI students leave AR reading Guided Reading group on board books on counter Page 84 C
Games DOL Grammar Minute 33 Grammar book Page 77Daily 5 Read to self Spelling next week's words 2xs Daily 5 Phonics 32 Rocket Math Minute 21 Spiral Review and POD 8-5 Practice 8-5 Dividing with 0 and 1 Accelerated Math Daily Geography Health page 82-85 do worksheet Finish up Daily Geography week 10 Snack RTI students leave AR reading Art with Mr. L Page 85 E