Lesson Plans
Metals 2nd Q 04.05 Lesson Plans
Week: 11/08/2004 Instructor: Bill Fredin Academics
We have a new student coming today so I will have to go over all of the measurement tools again. The students will also get to use the milling machine and see how it works by milling a piece of aluminum.
We are starting with sheet metal projects. The students are going to make a sheet metal box and a dust pan. I first demonstrate how to lay out the box on a piece of paper so the students can see the lines better. I then show them how to lay out the box on a piece of sheet metal.
I let the students lay out their own box on a piece of sheet metal. Once they are done with their lay out, I show them how to bend and fold the metal on the brake in order to make the box. Then the students can try to form their boxes.
The students boxes did not turn out very well. They found out they need to be more accurate on their measurements. So, today they will be laying out another box and bending it.
One of the students has been absent the last couple of days so I will need to go over all of the steps of making the box again today with him. The rest of the students are finishing up on their second or third boxes.