Lesson Plans
Micro Biology 2nd Q 12.13 Lesson Plans
Week: 10/29/2012 Instructor: Angela Larson Academics
Topic: Review of lessons 1-3
Lesson: Students will take a quiz of reading assignment #1 from HotZone. We will then spend part of the class period reviewing lessons 1-3 on history, sizes and staining of microorganisms. Wksts are due. The second part of the class period will be spend demonstrating making a slide and having students practice.
Assignment: Study for the 1-3 test
Topic: Chapter 1-3 test/ Chapter 4- The anatomy of bacteria
Lesson: Students will take a test over chapter 1-3. When everyone is finished, they will work on Gram staining. If time permits, we will work on chapter 4 information.
Assignment: Lesson 4-5 wkst
Topic: Anatomy of Bacteria
Lesson: HotZone quiz #2 will be first. We will then continue with Gram staining work.
Assignment: Color wkst on arrangements of bacteria
Topic: Culturing bacteria
Lesson: Students will do lab work, practicing culturing bacteria aseptically to a broth, slant and plate. We will examine Gram stain slides and draw observations.
Assignment: work on chapter 4 wkst
Topic: Lab work
Lesson: HotZone quiz #3. Students will check their cultures and record their observations. We will finish working on gram stains
Assignment: color wksts on bacterial transformation