Lesson Plans
Micro Biology 2nd Q 12.13 Lesson Plans
Week: 12/10/2012 Instructor: Angela Larson Academics
Topic: Review of chapter 11-12 info on viruses
Lesson: We will spend the class period watching a video about viral diseases and doing a review game over viruses.
Assignment: Study for the test
Topic: Virus test/ Infection and disease
Lesson: Students will take a test over chapter 11-12 on viruses. We will quickly go through chapter 13 information, which is mostly terminology on infections.
Assignment: Lesson 13-15 wkst
Topic: The immune system
Lesson: We will begin working on chapter 14, learning about the immune response and the cells needed. Students will be watching a video that shows these cells at work in a person fighting the flu.
Assignment: Continue working on the chapter 13-15 review wkst
Topic: The immune response
Lesson: We will continue talking about immune responses and the cells involved.
Assignment: Work on chapter 13-15 wksts
Topic: The immune response
Lesson: We will finish working on chapter 14, learning about how the immune system responds to infections. If time permits, we will begin chapter 15, learning about food microbiology.
Assignment: Finish the chapter 13-15 wksts.