Lesson Plans
Music 7A 3rd Q 10.11 Lesson Plans
Week: 01/24/2011 Instructor: Brenda Derickson Academics
Talk about George Frideric Handel, his music, historical events of the time, what was going on in America at this time
Play some of Handel's music
Start the recording Handel's Hallelujah-write summary of the story
finish the recording of Handel's Hallelujah-hand in summaries
must include character names in the story, the story line, favorite music
Talk about Johann Sebastian Bach, how long it would take to walk 50 miles
working away from your family
Start the recording on Bach-must take notes about the story
finish the recording on Bach-hand in summaries
finish the matching on page 9H
Listen to recordings by Pachelbel
Introduce the Classical period, historical events, art, composers, artists