Lesson Plans
Otto 2nd Grade 1st Q 09.10 Lesson Plans
Week: 09/28/2009 Instructor: Monica Otto Academics
Spelling:Spelling Pattern-(Consonant Digraphs ch, sh) child, chin, chip, shape, ship, shut, use, world, grade, write
Reading: Long vowels with final e--Read Phonics Reader and the story "Workers" --Discuss Community Workers
Math: Read "My Wild and Crazy Dream" --Counting On wkbk pg. 43-44--Play Race To The Wedding (Adding Game)
Language: Daily Oral Lang. --Discuss Homophones--Alphabetized List
Social Studies--Complete Community Helpers Game--Daily Geography
Science--Growing a plant worksheet
Spelling: Sentence Dictation--Sing Spelling Song
Reading: Long vowels with final e--wkbk 37-38--Author's Purpose
Math: Identifying Doubles--wkbk 45-46--Rocketmath
Language: Organization in writing--Predicates--Daily Oral Lang.
Social Studies: Mrs. DeSmiths Inclusion Presentation
Science: Plants and worms acivities

Spelling: Circle Ball Spelling Game
Reading: Vocab chartwork, read "Tools", wkbk 47-48
Math: Doubles Plus 1 wkbk 47-48 --Rocketmath
Language: Change That Vowel Game--Predicates--DOL
Social Studies: Draw and color "I want to be a...."
Science: Mrs. DeSmith's Inclusion Presentation--(Whole Group)
Spelling: Partner Spelling Whiteboard Practice
Reading: Reader Response TM 95---Create "new tools" using Popsicle Sticks
Math: Adding 3 numbers--wkbk 49-50--Rocketmath
Language: Review Subjects and Predicates Finish Posters and Stories--DOL
Social Studies: Finish Community Helpers Project--Daily Geo.
Science: Plant "Harry's Hairy Heads"
Spelling: Test over Unit 3
Reading: Oral Assessments, Reread "Tools"--Vocab and Comp Quiz--Play Apples to Apples and Jingo
Math: Making 10 to add 9-wkbk 51-52--Rocketmath--Play Doubles Concentration
Language: Read stories to class orally--DOL
Social Studies: Library Day--Please remember your books!
Science: Homecoming Parade!!