Lesson Plans
Otto 2nd Grade 1st Q 09.10 Lesson Plans
Week: 10/19/2009 Instructor: Monica Otto Academics
Spelling: ABC Order--jumped, pulled, pushed, crossed, wished, picked, house, never, candy, shiny
Reading: Vocab, Read "The Surprise" --wkbk 69-71
Math: Use Data from a picture--wkbk 67-68, Rocketmath
Language: Commands and Exclamations--Noun and Verb Corn Cobs
Science: Read "Bats"--Pal or Pest Activity
Social Studies: Daily Geo.--Pumpkin Sequencing Activity
Spelling: Write each spelling word in a complete sentence.
Reading: Reader Response--Make frog puppets--wkbk 75-76
Math: Magic Squares, Baby Birds and Checkpoint-wkbk 71-72
Language: Daily Oral Lang. --Commands and Exclamations
Science: Mr. G. and Mrs. DeSmith Presentation
Social Studies: Daily Geo.--Read "Growing Pumpkins"--Finish Pumpkin Bag Activities
Spelling: "Sparkle"
Reading: Assess Oral Reading--Reread "The Surprise"--Comp and Vocab Quiz
Math: Chapter 2 Test!
Language: Daily Oral Lang.--Commands and Exclamations
Science: Read "Extremely Weird Bats"--Echolocation Activity
Social Studies: Mr. G. and Mrs, DeSmith Presentation--Whole Group
Spelling: Partner Spelling Practice
Reading: Reading Skills Test
Math: Cumulative Review and Test Prep--wkbk 78A-78B
Language: Daily Oral Lang. --Silly Sentence Activity
Science: Read "Stellaluna"--Story Sequencing
Social Studies:Read "Too Many Pumpkins"--Make Jack-o-lanterns

Spelling: Test-Unit 5!
Reading: Reading Skills Test
Math: Read "All Kinds of Stones"--Play "How Many in All" Game--Chapter 3 readiness
Language: Daily Oral Language--Quiz over Commands and Exclamations
Science: Libray!!
Social Studies: Daily Geo. --Pumpkin Stories