Lesson Plans
Otto 2nd Grade 1st Q 09.10 Lesson Plans
Week: 11/02/2009 Instructor: Monica Otto Academics
Spelling: bright, sight, line, side, sky, try, because, whole, hidden, mirror--Spelling Pattern: Long i: i, igh,y, ie
Reading: Long i:i, igh, y, ie--Phonics Reader, Vocab Posters, Read "Eye Spy"
Math: Rocketmath, Reading for Success--wkbk 87-88--Make an Organized List-wkbk 89-90
Language: Daily Oral Lang.--Writing a List
Science: Read and discuss Heart and Lungs-A54-A59--Lung Bag Activity
Social Studies: Read and discuss "Legend of the Bluebonnet" --Buffalo Skin Activity
Spelling: Sentence Dictation
Reading: Make New Words, Listening Comprehension, Reread "Eye Spy" --wkbk 101-102
Math: Rocketmath, Comparing Numbers--wkbk 91-92
Language:Daily Oral Lang. --Proper Nouns
Science: Finish Lung Bag Activity
Social Studies: Draw and Tell Story--"The Big Fish"--Make tipi's--Discuss how buffalo parts are used
Spelling: Fly Swatter Game
Reading: Vocab Chartwork, Read "Seeing"--Compare and Contrast Humans and Animals
Math: Rocketmath, DC-wkbk 93-94--Review Number Words
Language: Nutrition Presentation?
Science: Heart Healthy Mobile
Social Studies: Native American bags and pouches, Read "Knots on a Counting Rope"--Make a counting rope
Spelling: Partner Spelling Game
Reading: Reader Response, Draw the parts of the eye, Vocab, Reread "Seeing"
Math: Rocketmath, Clues for Closet Ten--wkbk 95-96
Language: DOL-Proper Nouns
Science: Heart wksh.--Heart Healthy Experiments
Social Studies: "Floppy Cat" Presentation?
Spelling: Test Unit 7!
Reading: Assess oral reading--Vocab and Comp. Quiz--Play "Eye Spy"
Math: Rocketmath, Before, After, and Between-wkbk 97-98
Language: DOL--Proper Noun Review
Science: Library!!
Social Studies: Native American Poems--Color Pots--Write poems