Lesson Plans
Otto 2nd Grade 1st Q 11.12 Lesson Plans
Week: 09/26/2011 Instructor: Monica Otto Academics
Math: Lesson 3-6 Problem Solving
Spelling: Introduce New Words: jumped, pulled, pushed, crossed, wished, picked, house, never, candy, shiny (word pattern -ed)
Reading: Vocab and read House Repairs, Long e:e,y Assess Prior Knowledge
Social Studies: Daily Geography
Language Arts: Phonics Reader
Math: Test--Topic 3
Spelling: Sentence Dictation
Reading: Long e: e, y--Inflected Ending -ed, Drawing Conclusions, Vocab and reread House Repairs
Science: Read--Bats--Pal or Pest? Activity
Language Arts: Daily Oral Language, Commands and Exclamations
Math: Place Value Numbers to 100
Spelling: ABC order
Reading: Build Oral Lang., Vocab chartwork and read The Surprise
Science: Read Extremely Weird Bats and Echolocation Activity
Lang. Arts: DOL, Commands and Exclamations
Reading/Math: AR readers and Rocketmath
Math: Lesson 4-1 Models for Tens
Spelling: Spelling Posters
Reading: Reader Response, Make frog puppets, Vocab and reread The Surprise
Science: Watch Stellaluna, Story Sequencing Activity
Lang. Arts: DOL, Quiz over commands and exclamations
Reading/Math: AR readers, Rocketmath
Math: Lesson 4-2 Models for Tens and Ones
Spelling: Test over Unit 5!
Reading: Assess Oral Reading, Vocab and Comp Quiz
Social Studies: Weekly Reader
Homecoming Parade and Pepfest! Go Chargers!!