Lesson Plans
Otto 2nd Grade 2nd Q 11.12 Lesson Plans
Week: 10/31/2011 Instructor: Monica Otto Academics
Math: Lesson 5-4 Ways to Show the Same Amount
Spelling:Introduce New Words--below, coat, owe, soap, sold, woke, animals, between, everywhere, nighttime--spelling pattern long o
Reading: Long o: o, oa, ow, oe--compound words--vocab and read "The Old Gollywampus"
Social Studies: Daily Geography and Weekly Reader
Lang. Arts: Phonics Reader
Math: Lesson 5-5 One Dollar
Spelling: Sentence Dictation
Reading: Long o--Graphic Sources--Vocab and reread "The Old Gollywampus"
Science: Read A31-A33 and draw the life cycle of a robin
Lang. Arts: DOL and Describe Animal Traits
Reading/Math: AR Readers, Rocketmath, Addition Bingo
Math: Lesson 5-6 Make an Organized List
Spelling: Spelling Smartboard Vortex Game
Reading: Vocab Chartwork, Read and discuss "Snakes", Make a snake gameboard
Science: Read A34-A35, Review for Chapter 2 Test!
Lang. Arts: DOL and Writing Sentences
Reading/Math: AR Readers, Rocketmath, High-Low Game
Math: Counting Money Topic 5 Test!
Spelling: Spelling Bingo
Reading: Vocab Review, Reread "Snakes" and draw pages 240-241 (Snake Chart)
Science: Chapter 2 Test
Lang. Arts: Write a descriptive paragraph
Reading/Math: AR Readers, Rocketmath, Place Value
Math: Topic 5 Performance Assessments
Spelling: Test over Unit 9
Reading: Listen to CD on "Snakes", Vocab and Comp Quiz, Finish Snake Gameboards
Social Studies: Daily Geography and Pilgrims Unit
Lang. Arts: DOL and Review Nouns
Reading/Math: AR Readers, Rocketmath, and Snap-It-Up