Lesson Plans
Otto 2nd Grade 2nd Q 11.12 Lesson Plans
Week: 11/14/2011 Instructor: Monica Otto Academics
Math: Topic 6 Test
Spelling: Introduce new words: hugged, nodded, skipped, hugging, nodding, skipping, since, those, crown, shout
Reading: Assess Prior Knowledge, Build Background, Vocab and Read "How I Beat the Giants"
Social Studies: Read and discuss "Legend of the Blue Bonnet" --Make buffalo skins and write symbol stories on them
Language Arts: Phonics Readers
Math: Interactive Math Story, Topic 7 game, Spiral Review 7-1, Lesson 7-1 Subtracting Tens
Spelling: Sentence Dictation
Reading: Vowel Dipthongs and Inflected Endings, Summarizing, Reread "How I Beat the Giants"
Science: Lung Bag Activity, Heart Rate Activity
Reading/Math: AR Readers, Rocketmath, Math Dash Additon
Math: Spiral Review 7-2, Prob. of Day 7-2, Lesson 7-2 Finding Parts of 100
Spelling: Write a complete sentence for each spelling word
Reading: Vocab chartwork, Build Oral Language, Read and discuss "Play Ball"
Science: Digestive System Activity
Language Arts: Verbs
Reading/Math: AR Readers, Rocketmath, Subtraction Bingo
Math: Spiral Review 7-3, Prob. of Day 7-3, Lesson 7-3 Subtracting on a Hundred Chart
Spelling: Spelling Baseball
Reading: Reader Response, Vocab and Reread "Play Ball"
High School Play in Westbrook!
Math: Spiral Review 7-4, Prob. of Day 7-4, Lesson 7-4 Adding On to Subtract
Spelling: Smartboard Spelling, Test over Unit 11
Reading: Vocab and Listen to CD "Play Ball", Vocab and Comprehension Quiz
Social Studies: Daily Geography, Weekly Reader
Language Arts: Verbs
Pizza Party --We won the Red Ribbon Week Dress Up Pizza Party!!!!