Lesson Plans
Otto 2nd Grade 2nd Q 12.13 Lesson Plans
Week: 11/05/2012 Instructor: Monica Otto Academics
Reading: Vocab and read "Spiders Up Close", Venn Diagram
Spelling: cage, face, huge, page, tease, twice, until, enough, teachers', men's
Math: Interactive Math Story Topic 6, Lesson 6-1 Adding Tens
Library--please remember to return your library books!
Language Arts: Phonics Reader
Magic Show--Big Gym 2:00
Reading: Phonics (ce, ge, se), Reread "Spiders Up Close" Vocab Chartwork
Spelling: Sentence Dictation
Math: Lesson 6-2 Adding Ones, Accelerated Math
Language Arts: Antonym Popsicle Activity
Science: Read and discuss B2-B7, What is a Habitat Activity
Social Studies: National Geographic
Reading: Vocab, Read and discuss Anansi and the Talking Melon
Spelling: ABC Order, Dictionary Skills
Math: Lesson 6-3 Adding Tens and Ones, Sum Swamp and Accelerated Math
Language Arts: DOL and Antonym Activity
Science: Read and discuss B9-B13, Start Habitats
Social Studies: Read and discuss "Legend of the Bluebonnet", Buffalo Skin Activity
Reading: Vocab Posters, Reread "Anansi and the Talking Melon"
Spelling: Ipad-Doodle Buddy Activity
Math: Lesson 6-4 Adding on a Hundred Chart, Math Dash, Accelerated Math
Language Arts: DOL, Review Nouns
Social Studies: National Geographic
Reading: Choral Reading with "Ananasi...", Comprehension and Vocab Quiz
Spelling: Test over Unit 10!
Math: Review Money, Snap-It-Up, Adding Card Game
Language Arts: Quiz Antonyms, Quiz over Complete Sentences
Science: Work on Habitats
Social Studies: Weekly Reader