Lesson Plans
Otto 2nd Grade 2nd Q 12.13 Lesson Plans
Week: 12/03/2012 Instructor: Monica Otto Academics
Reading: Assess Prior Knowledge, Vowel Patterns ew, oo, ou , Vocab and Read "New Best Friend"
Spelling: Introduce New Words: I'll, can't, he's, best, spoon, I'm, didn't, she's, sometimes, through
Math: Subtraction worksheet
Library!! Please remember to return your library books!
Language Arts: Light Bulb Activity and Christmas Packets
Christmas Music Concert Practice!
Reading: Vowel Patterns ew, oo, ou, Cause and Effect, Vocab and Reread "Wanted Best Friend"
Spelling: Sentence Dictation
Math: Interactive Math Story, Lesson 8-1 Regrouping 10 Ones for 1 Ten
Language Arts: Phonics Reader Highlight ew, oo, ou
Science: Ocean Habitats
Social Studies: Christmas in Mexico --Make poinsettia's
Reading: Build Oral Language, Vocab, Read and discuss "Wanted: Best Friend"
Spelling: Practice with writing, Spelling Posters (Choose 1 word)
Math: Lesson 8-2 Models to Add 2 and 1 Digit Numbers, Accelerated Math
Language Arts: Verb Tenses
Science: Desert Habitats--create plants and creatures
Social Studies: Mexican Smartboard, Make pinata's,
Reading: Vocab "Around The World", Vowel Patterns ew, oo, ou
Spelling: Partner Spelling Practice, Snowflake Spelling Bingo
Math: Lesson 8-3 Adding 2 and 1 Digit Numbers
Language Arts: Character Sketch
Science: Arctic Habitat--Snowflakes and Animals
Social Studies: Daily Geography and National Geographic
Reading: Review Voacb Chart, Retell Story, Vocab and Comprehension Quiz
Spelling: "Sparkle Review" , Spelling Test Unit 13!
Math: Lesson 8-4 Models To Add 2-Digit Numbers
Language Arts: Verb Tenses, Author's Chair
Science: Test over Habitats
Social Studies: Swedish Christmas!