Lesson Plans
Otto 2nd Grade 3rd Q 12.13 Lesson Plans
Week: 01/28/2013 Instructor: Monica Otto Academics
Reading: Vocab, Read "Paul Goes To The Ball", Connect Letters To Sounds
Spelling: climb, lamb, knit, comb, kneel, knot, story, able, chalk, sauce (mb, kn pattern)
Math: Interactive Math Story, Lesson 12-1 Wholes and Equal Parts
Language Arts: Phonics Reader
Science: Chapter 2 Earth Long Ago
Social Studies: Daily Geography
Reading: Vocab Chartwork, Read and discuss "Paul Goes To The Ball",
Spelling: Sentence Dictation
Math: Lesson 12-2 Unit Fractions and Regions, Accelerated Math Folders
Language Arts: Adjectives, Polite Language Activity
Science: Make fossils with clay
Social Studies: Map Skills 1 & 2
Reading: Vocab Posters, Read "The Rooster...", Skill-Plot
Spelling: Sparkle
Math: Lesson 12-3 Non-Unit Fractions and Regions, Accelerated Math
Language Arts: Adjectives
Science: Dinosaurs
Social Studies: Map Skills
Reading: Vocab and Comprehension Quiz, Reread "The Rooster..", Skill-Plot
Spelling: Spelling Squares Activity
Math: Lesson 12-4 Estimating Fractional Parts of a Whole
Language Arts: Assessments Nouns, Verbs, and Adjectives
Science: Dinosaurs
Social Studies: Weekly Reader
Reading: Reader Response-Story Maps, Plot Review
Spelling: Test Unit 19!
Science Museum Presentations!!
Beach Party (if our goal is met!!!!--Read, Read, Read!!)