Lesson Plans
Otto 2nd Grade 3rd Q 12.13 Lesson Plans
Week: 02/18/2013 Instructor: Monica Otto Academics
No School!
Reading: Vocab, Read "Two Lunches at the Mill" and "Going to Town", character studies
Spelling: blouse, blouses, place, places, race, races, only, word, people, apple
Math: Lesson 13-3 Measuring Length Using Nonstardard Units, Accelerated Math
Language Arts: Phonics Readers
Science: Dental Health Packets
Social Studies: President Packets
Reading: Phonics-Schwa Sound and Plurals -s & -es, Vocab Chartwork, Reread "Two Lunches at the Mill" and "Going to Town"
Spelling: Sentence Dictation
Math: Lesson 13-4 Inches, Feet and Yards
Language Arts: Creative Writing "Then and Now" (Laura Ingalls Wilder)
Science: Tooth Booklets
Social Studies: President Creative Writing
Reading: Characters, Vocab, Read and discuss "Going to Town"
Spelling: Ipad Partner Practice
Math: Lesson 13-4 Reteaching and Practice 13-4 Inches, Feet and Yards
Language Arts: Finish "Then and Now" Creative Writing
Science: Parts of a tooth
Social Studies: President's Book "When I Am President..."
Reading: Vocab and Comp Quiz, AR Readers, "Fun Friday Activities"
Spelling: Test over Unit 22!
Math: Lesson 13-5 Reteaching and Practice 13-5 Centimeters and Meters
Language Arts: Character Review and Author's Chair
Science: Tooth Video
Social Studies: Finish President Packets and Booklets