Lesson Plans
Otto Second Grade 1st Q 12.13 Lesson Plans
Week: 09/03/2012 Instructor: Monica Otto Academics
No School!
Spelling: Introduce new words: sand, land, send, desk, lost, last, taste, people, pencil, stop
Reading: Short e, o --Vocab Chartwork, Read "The Wobbly People in Ellen's Block House"
Phonics: Read and discuss Phonics Reader
Math: Lesson 2-1 Adding 0,1,2
Lang Arts: Daily Oral Lang., Complete Sentence Activity
Science: Read A9-A11 Seed Coat Activity
Social Studies: Daily Geography
Spelling: Sentence Dictation
Reading: Short e, o, Character Study, Read "Poppleton and the Grapefruit"
Math: Lesson 2-2 Adding Doubles
Lang. Arts: DOL and write a complete sentence for each spelling word
Science: Plant "Harry's Hairy Head" and Discuss parts of a plant
Social Studies: Daily Geography
Spelling: Spelling Sentence Strip Activity
Reading: Vocab and Reread "Poppleton and the Grapefruit"
Math: Lesson 2-3 Adding Near Doubles
Lang. Arts: DOL and Complete Sentence Quiz
Science: Jack and the Beanstalk Plant Activity
Social Studies: National Geographic
Spelling: Test Unit 2!
Reading: Oral Reading Assessment, Discuss Poppleton, Vocab and Comprehension Quiz
Math: Lesson 2-4 Adding in any Order
Lang. Arts: Daily 5
Science: Read A12-A15 and discuss parts of a plant
Social Studies: Weekly Reader