Lesson Plans
Otto Second Grade 1st Q 12.13 Lesson Plans
Week: 09/10/2012 Instructor: Monica Otto Academics
Spelling: Introduce New Words--child, chin, chip shape, ship, shut, use, world, grade, write
Reading: Long vowels with final e, read "The Workers", Phonics Reader
Math: Lesson 2-5 Adding 3 numbers
Lang. Arts: Daily 5 and Alphabetized Lists
Science: Plant Harry's Hairy Heads
Social Studies: Community Helpers Game Cards
Spelling: Sentence Dictation
Reading: Long vowels final e, author's purpose, reread "The Workers"
Math: Lesson 2-6 Making 10 to add 9
Lang. Arts: Daily 5 and Subjects and Predicates
Science: Bean Booklet
Social Studies: I want to be a... posters
Spelling: Spelling Crossword
Reading: Vocab and read "Tools"
Math: Lesson 2-7 Making 10 to add 8
Lang. Arts: Daily 5 Predicates
Science: Plant and worms activity
Social Studies: Finish I want to be a....
Spelling: Partner Spelling Practice
Reading: Popsicle sticks and glue poem, vocab, and reread "Tools"
Math: Lesson 2-8 Draw a picture and write a number sentence
Lang. Arts: Daily 5 and Predicates
Science: Test over Chapter 1
Social Studies: Daily Geography
Ecology Bus Field Trip!!! (8:30-11:00)
Spelling: Test over Unit 3
Reading Vocab and Comp Quiz over "Tools"
Math: Topic 2 Test!