Lesson Plans
Otto Second Grade 1st Q 12.13 Lesson Plans
Week: 10/08/2012 Instructor: Monica Otto Academics
Reading: Long i: i, igh, y, ie, Vocab and read "Eye Spy"
Spelling: Introduce new Words: bright, sight, line, side, sky, try, because, whole, hidden, mirror
Math: Lesson 4-6 Before, Between, After
Library--please remember to return your books!
Language Arts: Phonics Reader, Daily 5 Writing
Social Studies: Columbus Day Activities
Science: Fire Safety Video and Fire Safety Posters
Reading: Make new words activities, Listening comprehension activities, Reread and discuss "Eye Spy"
Spelling: Sentence Dictation
Math: Lesson 4-7 Order Numbers, Accelerated Math
Language Arts: DOL, Proper Nouns
Social Studies: Finish Columbus Day Writing Activity
Science: Finish Fire Safety Posters
Reading: Build Oral Language, Vocab and read "Seeing"
Spelling: ABC Order
**Bullying Presentation in the Big Gym!
Language Arts: DOL, Proper Nouns
Social Studies: National Geographic Magazine
Science: Fire Safety Races!

Reading: Draw the parts of the eye, Vocab Chartwork, Read and discuss "Seeing"
Spelling: Partner Practice (Whiteboards or iPads)
Math: Lesson 4-8 Number Patterns on A Hundred Chart
Language Arts: DOL, Proper Nouns game
Social Studies: Daily Geography
Science: Fire Dog Safety Magnets
Reading: Listen to CD "Seeing", Vocab and Comprehension Quiz
Spelling: Test over Unit 7
Math: Lesson 4-9 Even and Odd
Language Arts: Daily 5 Writing and Oral Presentations (Author's Chair)
Social Studies: Weekly Reader
Science: Fire Station Tour or Fire Truck Safety at the school