Lesson Plans
Otto Second Grade 4th Q 11.12 Lesson Plans
Week: 03/19/2012 Instructor: Monica Otto Academics
Math: Lesson 17-1 Building 1000, Place Value Game
Reading: Vocab, Read and discuss "The Clubhouse", Spelling Words: calf, half, laugh, phone, rough, tough, sound, kept, money, cookie, Extra Challenge Words: photograph, piece, few relief, number
Daily 5: Phonics Reader--highlight Long e:ie,ey
Social Studies: Daily Geography
Math: Lesson 17-2 Counting Hundreds, Tens and Ones
Reading: Vocab Posters, Reread and discuss "The Clubhouse", wkbk, compound words
Daily 5/Lang. Arts: Realism and Fantasy, Complete Sentences
Science: Read and discuss D2-D9 (Space Unit)
Reading/Math: Review Addition and Subtraction, Daily 5 Independent Reading
Math: Lesson 17-3 Reading and Writing Numbers to 1,000
Reading: Vocab, Read and discuss "Lemonade for Sale" , ABC Order, Multiple-Meaning Words
Daily 5/Lang. Arts: Words with gh, ph, lf and complete sentences
Science: Read D11-D15 (Season's Activity)
Reading/Math: Review Addition and Subtraction and Daily 5 Independent Reading
Math: Lesson 17-4 Changing Numbers by Hundreds and Tens
Reading: Vocab Chartwork Reread "Lemonade for Sale", Whiteboard Spelling
Daily 5/Lang.Arts: Leveled Readers and Comprehension Questions
High School Play in Westbrook!!
Math: Lesson 17-5 Patterns with Numbers on Hundreds Chart
Reading: Comprehension and Vocab Quiz, Jingo, Ipads
Daily 5 /Lang. Arts: Spelling Test, Author's Chair
Social Studies: Weekly Reader
Reading/Math: Review Money, AR Test