Lesson Plans
Photography 1st Q 07.08 Lesson Plans
Week: 10/01/2007 Instructor: Tina Richards Academics
Go spet by step through the document " Developing negatives", then contact sheet. Then what I expect in their binders for a photography project, with contact sheet, negatives, and comment sheet, then their photos.
demonstrate cameras , how they work ,how they are loaded.
Send out students in groups to take photos. Process film. some in the darkroom working.
demonstrationn on the use of the dark room enlarger.
Send students in to create their 5x7's and contact sheets.
Give out the assignment to read chapter 8, working in the darkroom, answer questions to words to know and test your knowledge, turned in or done by friday, chapter 8 test on monday.
different groups as the students have been paied up .
Develope film, take photos, develope contact sheets, develope 5x7 images.
Read and respond to questions on chapter 8.
Seniors gone.
We will continue as above. I may have a student or 2 ready to move on to roll 3. Will talk to them more individually about next
explain to understanding about the next photograph, what cameras are used, subject ,what is expected in the photograph- analyze and interpert this one photo using historical, cultural or social context.
decide on media and images and get cameras ready and shoot.