Lesson Plans
Photography 1st Q 08.09 Lesson Plans
Week: 10/06/2008 Instructor: Tina Richards Academics
students are working on assignment 3 , emotions. some were finished last week , other will be done earlyy this week. Now the group moves on to assignment 4 which has to do with hlooking at small thing. seeing closeups and what they can see, feel or do with them.

I will send the 2 advanced students onto photomontage.
Emotions are done today.
work on close ups- I would like more then half taken and working on them. through out the next lessons the students have time to explore either in digital or black and white
close ups
I'm sure someone will be ready for elements and principles of art, or a title called ols things. students at this time should be able to do a critical writing of their work. I may wait until friday to demo this and list what needs to be written.
students will choose their best piece to date and we will display it with the writing for this piece.

Advanced have to work on this also , and willl get their [hotomontages done this week.