Lesson Plans
Photography 1st Q 14.15 Lesson Plans
Week: 08/18/2014 Instructor: Tina Richards Academics
Go over the class plan.
Look and work on worksheet on the history of photography. This part of a packet.
The next page talks about or rather defines some of the words on the first page.
Computer lab to learn to set up a page in photoshop.collect number of the computer with the student name
Get a photo of a flower from the net . crop,and run through what they need to do with each picture they do.
Go through parts of the edit adjustments that are revenant. and also the the filters,let them have time to experiment and see what these filters can do.
Review from monday.
Add f.stop and shutter speed.
add looking at a camera-digital.
Hand out passwords to the students.
Teach them how to resize a photo and to change it's size in the image size field,check to make sure they are using 150 dpi.
Teaching how to put 6 photos of the same flower on a page,go through and choose 4 adjustments and filters for them to use this is random by me. Then let them choose their own 2.
Look into a camera. Looking at what the parts of a digital camera , where they are located on the camera. Review again and see how many are catching on.
Finish up on the 6 photo one as needed . Then they are to choose their own and recreate their own thing like the first but this one needs to be all their work.
Walk through using the flashes , clothes,and other items for a still life that uses lights. i did't add it this week , but i am going to add a flower or a vegetable .
hand out 4 cameras to groups of students 2 - 4 .
Then teach the marquee tool tutorial found on digital photo magic CD.
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