Lesson Plans
Photography 1st Q 16.17 Lesson Plans
Week: 09/12/2016 Instructor: Tina Richards Academics
We started brushes last friday . I will continue with brushes how to use them again, how to find the rest of the photoshop brushes.How to look for new ones that will help out your art.
10 camera parts paper-hand out and go over.
Introduction to all the cameras.
Take 15 minutes and take 40 pictures with your group have everyone use the camera.
Learn how to download the images.
Use bridge to create a contact sheet.
Print the contact sheet.
Everyone choose 2 good ones for your self
Now we will use the photo follow flow sheet.
demonstrate setting up a still life and lights
This year give them all a goal to reach such as create a piece that talks about art or an english piece, maps, Must set up at least 3 different situations. everyone must shoot photos,use of lights, take each setting from multiple angles.
REad off the photos needed
Goal -3 views,multiple angles, lighting, and 60 usable photos asa group.
Still life to take
down load still lives on to each computer
contact sheet
choose you best 5 ,circle them turn it in for a grade-5 points
do above and begin working on the photos as the assignment says