Lesson Plans
Photography 2nd Q 05.06 Lesson Plans
Week: 11/07/2005 Instructor: Tina Richards Academics
Begin class. Explain the class guidelines. Hand ut the sylbuss and review it with the students , allow for questions. These seem to come more as we work through the quarter.
Taught the 7 elenemts of art and how the students will identify 4 as per their assignment , and put pictures on paper.

Note: Xai did not hav ean interperter and did great, took notes and all.
The student work on their elements add the principles.
The students need a refiew of the principles and how the elements are part of the principles.
Continue to find images.
I will go more into depth on their first photo assignment with illustrations .
Together we will choose assignments.
Demonstrate how to roll a roll of b&w film in the dark
Work on design project.
Grade design assignments that are done.
Test on film rolling.
Walk through process of the chemicals in developing b&w film.
Discus more and how they will go about getting materials for first project.
Set up a first project as a demo.
Do more work on the demo. actually use the digital camera and take photos of it
some more work on design.
More tests.
More grading.
Big lesson on SLR cameras.