Lesson Plans
Photography 2nd Q 05.06 Lesson Plans
Week: 12/05/2005 Instructor: Tina Richards Academics
students mostly have turned in photo 1 assignment.

Some are getting more started in the darkroom.
Hand out writing assignment, it is part of their research paper, this is a short page pelimary paper.
With the computer and screen , I will go through how to use masters of photography home page. How to look at artists work , how to find bib. on artist , how to find other references , because they need two.
Also with the screen i will give them more hints on photoshop.

Time on computer or darkroom.
Go over what each student should be working on. Get people in the dark room.

Rework roll 1 as needed by students
Help those who need to take roll one , may hav eto lead them through by hand.
Work on i page paper.
Good time to work on their 1 page paper and look around at artists.

Continue darkroom, moving forward on roll 2 and roll 3 which is people and expressions.

Some students have not started roll 1 -get on their cases.
I think we will continue a good week of work.

The one page paper is due today.