Lesson Plans
Photography 2nd Q 06.07 Lesson Plans
Week: 11/27/2006 Instructor: Tina Richards Academics
Re teach the assignment on the 3 columes on a 8x10 page with their digital pictures of fruits and vegtables. add lines to divide. show more examples, be specific.
Continue work on first 4 if not done.
Turn in first four digital in plastic sleeves ,for grading. Work to finish 3 colume piece.
teach the spool rolling for the darkroom.
watch movie in down time,Twister. check with students constantly on progress.
demonstrate contact sheet in photoshop.
demonstrate contact sheet in photoshop again, need to do ,name the photos and turn in first thing.
demonstrate the naxt assignment of blending the photos, adding brushes, stamps and erasing.
send advanced students out to take photos.Must have a themebefore they leave!!!!!!!
advanced process photos, print 4 good ones in 4x6 size. Work to fix color and fix areas that need attention.
others test on film rolling in the dark.
send them out to take photos of trees, talk about ways to look at trees, Black and white, teach the camera first!!!!!!!
Driving passes.
Process film.Use of the darkroom. This may happen through the week as time and students are available.
teach terms -write in their notebook.