Lesson Plans
Photography 2nd Q 11.12 Lesson Plans
Week: 11/14/2011 Instructor: Tina Richards Academics
We are watching two videos one on levels - watch then practice on one of their own in nature. to grade use the eyeball and check if the new one is better in color then the old one.
Go on line and see what you are missing and get the work done.
Tool on lighting effects.Go to Filters -render - lighting effects and lens flares. spend time learning what is avaialbe , the do the last assignment on the nature sheet.
Nature assignmnets are all due as of last friday- so get the lighting effect done.
black and white pop through
Next we will be shooting photos of old things, this can be people, buildings, old machinery , what you see as old.
photos of old thins due today. create a contact sheet.
start the assignments for old things.
old things
old things done