Lesson Plans
Photography 3rd Q 05.06 Lesson Plans
Week: 02/13/2006 Instructor: Tina Richards Academics
Intoduce the darkroom to students.
Grade roll one if it is late.
Work on Paper. due Feb,. 23. Notes on on the sylbus.
Some photoshop.
Introduce more to the darkroom.
Work on reteaching film folling, contact sheets and projection scale.
Write paper.
Work on chapters 6, 8, 9 &10 these are due tomarrow. Once graded these will lead to a test.
Mostly more of the same. Working with the students on self critiques. Keep them moving forward on their work.
Turn in the 4 chapters.
Remind them of when paper is due.
Also roll 3 will be due next week.
Continue the week- motative and get students out their working.
No class -CPT